Small Groups

At Calvary we believe that each of us was created with a deep need for true community.  This need goes deeper than what we can accomplish on a Sunday morning, so we prayed and dreamed about what another space could look like that exists to deepen relationships.  

We created Calvary Small Groups.  The purpose of these groups is to deepen relationships with Jesus, each other, and the community around us.  

To deepen our relationship with Jesus, we have a discussion about the Sunday morning message, with a leader asking application and reflection based questions.  There is also a time set aside to pray together for the needs in the group and the church.  

To deepen our relationship with each other, we set the small groups in relaxed living room spaces all throughout the area.  There is food, laughter, and a shared desire to form true friendships.  

To deepen our relationship with the community around us, we ask each small group to do one service project each season. We believe that the community around us should feel the impact of what God is doing in our church in tangible ways.  This is one way we do this.


We want our Small Groups to reflect the natural rhythms of our lives and culture, so we offer two seasons during which our groups meet on a weekly basis.  Our Fall Season begins in mid-September and will finish in mid-December, and our Winter/Spring Season begins in early February and will finish in late May.  We do not offer Small Groups during the summer months.